This GPX 4000 is a consignment sale. I spent many hours cleaning & examining every inch of this detector & was delighted that it came up in such excellent condition. GPX 4000 was the top Minelab pulse induction model around 2006-2007 era & was the turning point between the older GP models & the updated GPX series. Its most innovative features were the complete change in power supply systems & the acquired ability to be quiet & stable when monoloop coils were being used on the detector. Up until this point GP detectors were heavily reliant on DD coils to achieve quietness & stability. This new ability to be quiet & stable whilst using monoloop coils provided instant depth improvements [which was the main benefit of the monoloop coils]. Monoloop coils also offered a signal clarity not seen with DD coils & it was the first step towards the super sensitivity seen in later models. The new Li-ion batteries provided significant improvements in power supply delivery. The old Lead acid batteries steadily declined in performance as the power drained. This meant a staeady loss of depth over time. Li-ion did none of that. A constant stream of power delivered at the same level throughout the run time meant that the achievable depths at the beginning of the day were the same as at the end of the day. The capacity of the batteries was quiet good also & they were just a fraction of the weight of the original lead acid dome top battery. This detector has 2 Li-ion batteries. One is a standard GPX 4000 battery, which still holds a charge & functions well. The fact this original battery still fully functions is testament to the previous owners diligence to charging the battery regularly & storing it appropriately [fully charged]. Li-ion batteries are generally good for 5 years but well maintained batteries can exceed these minimum limits. The other is a reeds Li-ion battery. It looks like a smaller version of the older style Lucky Lark batteries. It has it's own 240V & 12V chargers. It also appears to have been maintained properly & charged regularly. 

The detector has all its standard parts except a set of headphones. A set of Grey Ghost Headphones [150 Ohms + soft seal ear pads + curly cord with 1/4 inch jack + adjustable overhead arm] can be included to complete the set. These will be new. The kit also has a new finds bag + a training DVD by Jonathan Porter. The harness came up a treat once washed. It is in good condition but the bungy cord will probably need replacing in the next 12 months. The armrest cover is also in very good condition. The unit comes with 3 coils. The standard 11"DD commander, a 10"x5" DD commander & a 17"x11" Nugget Finder old style monoloop. The GPX 4000 is capable of accepting the new Nugget Finder evolution coils & this will improve the performance because of the new technology offered by the "EVOLUTION" range. The kit also comes with a hipstick & a second lower shaft. The hipstick is used to redirect the weight of the extended coil away from the upper back & down to the load bearing bones of the pelvic girdle. This is a great inclusion. All coil skid plates are in good condition. The GPX 4000 selling price will be $2300 but the buyer will need to buy a set of headphones or some other type of audio conversion system [headphones or external speaker ]. A set of Grey Ghost headphones can be included for another $100, taking the selling price to $2400. The Grey Ghost headphones are new & cost $165 so inclusion for an extra $100 is great value. If this detector interests you please contact us at Goanna Gold Detectors via one of the methods listed below:


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