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Why is the XP Deus more expensive than the Equinox, Goldmonster and Kruzer? I don’t get it!

Well a slew of new detectors has hit the market. The most common thing is the price Bracket. All are in that $1,000-$1300 price range for the top models in each class. So why is the XP Deus so much more expensive?

This is a question I get asked quite often and to be honest its a pretty easy one to explain, so don’t expect too long an article this time.

The short answer is that the XP Deus LITE is $1299, the same price as a Minelab equinox. So they can be bought for the same money Techincally. But the Full Deus KIT is quite a bit more and here’s why.

XP Haven’t released a new machine for a LONG time, In fact they have done the opposite and got rid of one. But what they have done is offer the users regular, FREE, updates that make GENUINE differences to the detector and in most peoples opinion improve them with each update. The latest update (4.1) was released in Feb 2018 and of course was FREE to all Deus users.

On the other hand in the last few years we have seen many many machines released from other companies, each one touting to be the latest and the best machine and making all the others obsolete. For many of these companies that’s how they make money, by releasing new product at a pretty low price and then “superceding it” every couple of years with some new bells and whistles.

Its a business model that just about all businesses that make stuff for a living have, There is always a new and exciting model in the wings waiting for the stock to run out on the current one. Its an endless cycle.

Look at Minelab:

First they sold you a Gofind then they sold you an Xterra, then they sold you a Goldmonster and finally released an equinox IN TWO MODELS as yet another 2 upgrades.
Meanwhile Hundreds of people Forked out the $2600 for the CTX that has been around almost as long as the Xterra range. And now it appears its cheaper brother, the equinox, may in fact out detect it at half the price!

Minelab rely on you buying multiple detectors over your life, They rely on you wanting the next shiny new machine with the new widget to make hunting better.
They ask you for less because they know that in 12 months time or so, they will be asking you for some money again for the next best thing and so on and so on.

Don’t forget as well as the above models mentioned you also have a few more minelabs to buy as well.
Xterrra 305 and 505
Excallibur II
Go find 20, 40 and 60

13 Machines targeted at us treasure people, So which one do they stand by Long term? And just to ice the cake they still call the 705 a GOLD machine on their main website. LOL

So Minelab sell their gear for a lot less than an XP Deus, but they are only selling you a couple of years worth of detecting at best, then you’ll need to buy the new machine which NONE of the old machine accessories will fit on??

XP However have ONE Detector at the moment, its called the deus and it has the capabilities of most of the minelab models mentioned above IN ONE MACHINE. The machine is updateable and since launch has had one roughly every 18 months on average.

If you bought an XP Deus 9 Years ago it would have the same capabilities as one that was bought TODAY! So you wouldn’t have had to buy a new machine for the last 9 years! Only new coils have been released, 2 of them and they are optional to open up the high frequency side of the XP Deus.

As an XP sales person I know that when you buy a Detector off me it will be the LAST Vlf you ever need to buy. I have nothing else to offer that is better because in my opinion there is nothing currently on the market that beat the Deus for all its features and capabilities.

On any Given Day the Deus can be a goldmonster 1000, if you want it too or an Equinox 600 or 800 or even a 705/gofind if that’s what you want. It can also be a Kruzer an ATPro/Gold and even act like a Goldbug2 with the elliptical coil. There is simply nothing more versatile available Australia today.

With an XP deus your paying a little more that’s for sure, but what you get in return far out ways what the competition offer. There is just so much to this little machine that is never seen as its never released in a new and shiny box each year. We have been conditioned to want shiny and new, when often what we have is all we ever needed.

The Deus has just been doing its job for the past 9 Years and getting better with each and every regular update. And even after all this time its still the ONLY 100% wireless Metal detetcor on the market. It seems weird that he smallest and lightest of the bunch can punch the hardest, but just talk to an XP deus owner, they are the ones that truly Know what the little French number can do.

Happy Hunting Folks.


P.S I acknowledge the wetsand can be a tough place for the deus at times, Dry sand is no problem. That’s why I run a small Pulse induction in that area from Cscope. If you are 100% dedicated to hitting the wetsand and surfline then buy a dedicated wetsand machine. The same applies for gold, if your seriously looking to get into gold hunting more than say 4 or 5 weekends a year then you should be looking at dedicated gold machines. Again that’s why I have a high end minelab Pulse induction for my serious deep gold hunting.

Wet beach / Goldfields/ Parklands etc are 3 specialised areas of detecting and NO Detector can claim to be the best at all 3 in one machine. That’s why a lot of us own more than one machine. Horses for courses and all that.

BUT If you looking for a machine that can pretty much give you a chance anywhere without the need to carry 5 different coils and detectors then the XP Deus fits the Bill nicely. Like I’ve said a million times there is simply nothing more versatile. It also weighs 885 Grams and can fit in your back pack.

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